Yomi Robot-Assisted Implant Dentistry

Ross Periodontics is the first practice to introduce robot-assisted implant dentistry in all of Ohio!

Dr. Ross has always had the goal of delivering implant dentistry to the level of quality where the patient cannot tell which tooth is real and which one is an implant. Digital dental technology in addition to Dr. Ross’ surgical experience is allowing us to bridge the gap between implant dentistry of the past and implant dentistry that mimics the real tooth.

When Dr. Ross first saw the Neocis Yomi robotic-assisted guidance system for dental implant surgery, he knew this was the tool that would help him fulfill the dream to deliver such high quality dental surgery for his patients. Yomi provides dynamic planning software that can be changed at any time unlike physical guides. Same-day scanning, planning, and surgery are thus possible, if the patient desires. Real-time visual guidance on the computer screen in the surgical operatory allows the surgeon to confirm his/her progress. A tracking arm allows the robot to know if the patient has moved and change position in real-time helping to protect important anatomy like nerves, sinuses, or adjacent teeth. Haptic guidance of the robotic arm physically translates the surgical plan into the surgeon’s drill movement to achieve accurate results.
Yomi is like a physical GPS system correcting angulation and restricting depth yet the surgeon always is in control of the drill. For some patients, Yomi can allow for flapless surgery, which can result in faster surgery, less post-operative pain, and faster recovery for the patient.

Yomi® Overview - CAPTIONS from Neocis Inc on Vimeo.